It’s too early 

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   Ahem.  Fuck you, weather.  Fuck you for dropping into the low 40’s on the second day of October.  The temperature has no business being this low today. There should be a law against this!  The heat came on automatically tonight, as it does when the inside of my house goes below 52 degrees. What is this shit?!  I should … Read More

Weekend Coffee Share: Blog Blues

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  If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am very annoyed with the internet right now. This morning I set up my blog to redirect to my domain name and things aren’t working for me yet. I can view my website on my mobile browser, and I thing other people can view my blog on … Read More

That Day of the Year

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   Another eye exam, another new prescription. Every year they tell me that my eyes “still look healthy.” So why is it every year my prescription changes because my eyes are always just a little bit worse? And, riddle me this? Why does my insurance cover an exam every year but glasses every two years?  Le sigh. 


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So, I spent almost every free moment today trying to set up a self hosted WordPress site and now 13 hours, two hosts, two domain names and about $90 later… I still got nothin.  This blogging shit takes some serious guts and dedication.

What I Want For Mother’s Day

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Is to be alone. And left alone. And to have no responsibilities and for no one to need anything from me.  But, ha! I’m living in a dream world if I think there’s a hope of that happening.  Maybe next year… 

Pretty, but…

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   I’m ready to go home and sleep in my own bed in own house and not be told what to do anymore. Apparently grandparents will never be able to treat their grandchildren like adults, even when they’re 32 and have kids of their own. Who knew?!