Salt Water

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After seeing my lovely therapist this morning, I decided that what I needed more than anything in the entire world was to go to the beach. I just didn’t care that it was January and 31 degrees with a windchill that made it feel much colder. I knew and didn’t care that the wind off the water would probably not … Read More

I’m a Winner! Woot woot! 

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   I crossed the finish line today!  Woot woot! Another NaNoWriMo has been won.  I blew past 50,000 words this afternoon and even though only about 1/3 of my story has been told, I’ve done it.  I said I was doing to do it and I did it.  I RULE! 


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   This is my friend Libby. I don’t make a habit of making friends with dogs, I consider myself more of a cat person, but lately I’ve been getting closer to my friend Todd’s three adorable Basset Hounds and getting to know them better.  Libby is the only girl, and she’s shy and sketched out by everything that moves, including … Read More

Grace in Small Things Sunday #16

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1. I FINISHED MY NANOWRIMO NOVEL!! YEAH, WOOOT! GIGGITY GIGGITY! 2. Elise has been a very good kid this week. She’s mostly good all the time, but it’s been a remarkable week of good behavior and good attitudes from her, and I sure do love that. 3. I got to spend time with my two high school besties on Thanksgiving. … Read More

There Was A Time

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There was a time when I knew your face your voice, your hands, your scent, your smile – I knew you, effortlessly. There was total instant recall, none of this having to pluck memories from the abyss and hope they’re not tainted by time. I could write your memoirs and sing your gospels, I could trace your ghost with shut … Read More