Discretion Pays

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“There’s someone at the door!” “They can knock all they want to, dearie. I know my house. I know they won’t be able to hear you scream.” Outside, the mailman takes his tip from the box. He’s paid enough to never tell.

Little Paper Heart

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“Mommy?” “I’m busy.” “Mommy, look at what I made!” “Not now, I’m watching my show.” “Mommy, look, it’s a picture I drew for you.” “I’ll look at it later.” “Mommy, please, LOOK!” “Not NOW!” She walks away, picture fluttering to the floor.

Who does she think she is?

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Who does she think she is? I ask myself this over and over as I’m sitting at my vanity, applying thick coats of concealer and constructing my mask. Yesterday I cut my hair short – boy short. Today I do the hard work of hiding myself, turning my pretty girl face into just another anonymous guy. Who does she think … Read More

Not For Me

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I ask with  my smiles I ask swinging my hips I ask with hot meals and Sweet desserts I ask shyly I ask opening my legs I ask with witty Profile descriptions I ask for love But the answer Is always No Thank you to all who read this sad little poem and voted for me this week. I am … Read More

The Gull

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For weeks I’ve been eating nothing but berries I find along the edge of the forest, their reds and purples calling out to me, teasing me with their possible poisoned fruit. Mostly, it’s raspberries. The bushes overflowing with ripe berries and I pick my way through them until I can carry no more in the basket I make of my … Read More