Day 32 – Enough {Trifextra}

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“Where do you think we are?” “We could be anywhere, I don’t know.” “But you don’t think.. I mean.. How many undiscovered, uninhabited islands can there really be left in the world?” “Enough.” I wrote this for Trifecta’s weekend challenge, Trifextra and the challenge was to write exactly 33 words of dialogue. This was an incredibly inspired piece of writing, by … Read More

Bang Bang Bangladesh

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Who could that be at this hour? Evan thought to himself. He was upstairs in Hannah’s office. He felt miles away from whoever was outside his door, light years away. His hand remained hovering in the air, the plastic edges of the red thumbtack pressing into his skin, his grip on the tack so strong he wouldn’t have been surprised if … Read More

Day 23 – Out in the World

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Nora and Wesley sat atop their horses on the crest of the hill, looking over the ravaged city. Hartford, a city that Nora remembered vividly; she had lived in Connecticut all of her life. The city Nora remembered was gleaming, all angles and clean lines stretching to the sky. Now it was ragged and in places, smoldering. That meant people … Read More

Day 9 – Crazy

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I write this sitting in the kitchen sink. I want you to know that from the beginning, I want you to know that even though I’m trying to convince you that I’m not crazy, I am sitting with my ass in the sink, because if I lean back really far and crane my neck to the right I can see … Read More

You know.

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The most important question is: Do you know me? You know me mindless, intoxicated, Stoned in your attic and Watching TV on your bed until Exhaustion sets in. Nearly dead but wholly alive On a throbbing dance floor at 3AM, Not ready, not willing to leave. You know me Sleeping past noon whenever I can, Not being able to keep … Read More