Cold Blue Morning Sky

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Have I mentioned that it’s cold and I hate winter?

I think I have at least a million times. Maybe that’s a few more than reality would dictate, but still. It’s winter, and it’s cold out, and snow has fallen and much more is supposed to be coming this weekend, and I hate it.

What I love is where I live now, 777O, with one of my best friends who is starting to feel like family.

Todd has offered to drive Elise to school in the morning until he graduates early next month, and I have really appreciated not having to go out in the cold every morning so early.

I rise before the dawn anyway, getting up even earlier than usual every day now, the alarm set no later than 6:45 on school day mornings.

This is the 7:45 am winter sky, taken as I was waving goodbye to Todd and Elise from the back door, bundled up against the chill.

It just looks too cold, doesn’t it?

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