Coming and Going

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Boots by the door.
Because God forbid I get
a smudge of dirt on the carpet,
that I mark your home, and your life.
You said you loved me at my worst.
But I was always just a visitor in your heart.

13 Comments on “Coming and Going”

  1. Glad you are giving the microstory challenge a try! I think this week’s question was really inspiring. I had a bunch of ideas that I didn’t get around to writing about.
    This week is unmoderated, but just so you know for the future, using the question as your title is discouraged. Also, any extra comments count against the word limit.
    All that being said, I love your response. Good luck!

    1. Wow, good to know all of those things and good thing I won’t get kicked off the grid on the first try… or will I? lol. Seriously though, should I remove the extra bits just so I don’t get kicked off the grid tomorrow or will they let this slide?

      1. I would remove the extra bits. Your regular followers have probably had the chance to read your explanation, so now you’ll want the piece to stand alone. You’ll see in today’s post that Christine mentions both the title and word count rule, so you’ll want to follow both even in this unmoderated week.

  2. “A visitor in your heart” wow! My first time participating as well. Had to edit mine to fit guidelines as well. Good to know about extra comments being discouraged

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