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Whelp, I’m drunk.

I knew this would happen eventually if I was going to do NaBloPoMo, because Saturday nights I usually go to a friend’s house to have a bottle of wine after work. We work together, she and I. I don’t know if I should name her by name because I don’t know whether she would be mad about that. I’ll give her a fake name. My friend’s fake name will be Maddy, because she’s pretty mad.

Like, “We’re all mad around here.”

So anyway, we drank a BIG bottle of wine, because it was totally one of those nights at work. It pretty much sucked. My tip percentage was 19.82 after tipping out my busser, so that’s really nothing to turn my nose at. I mean, we HOPE that people will tip 20% so if it’s around there that’s good, but if it’s like 22-25%? That’s fucking great. Once I had a morning where I made 27% and I walked out ecstatic.

But holy shit do I need a vacation. Or I seriously, seriously need to go back to the doctor and get on some anxiety relieving meds. I was THISCLOSE to having a panic attack at work tonight. I was THISCLOSE to almost crying at work tonight. This is not a good thing, and I have to do something about it.

So, Monday it will be my goal to call someone up at this great new medical building downtown and see if I can get myself some sort of therapist around my house. I need someone who will give me the good shit. I need some fast acting Ativan or something for when I am at work and feel like I am about to have a heart attack and die and can’t breathe and have to go in the walk-in and put my face all over a bag of english muffins for a minute to cool down, to fucking cool down and take a moment to regroup.

It’s really not good.

Also, I haven’t written anything today, and since there’s only like 15 minutes left in today and now I’m drunk, this is not a good thing. So I’m like, two days behind now. Ooooph.

Okay, this is ridiculous. If anyone read all the way down to this sentence, you deserve an reward for reading these drunk ranty ramblings.

Here’s your reward:


(You’re not the only one who wishes the reward was bigger.)

Two minutes til midnight. Booyah.

3 Comments on “Currently Rocking This Nablogopobloblahblah Thing”

  1. Get what you need, Cheney. Feeling like that sucks bad. I want you to feel OK, you know. I read to the end, and my prize was not much of a prize for me. Oh, well. I just got done writing my film review that will post on the other media site tomorrow morning. Saw ‘Birdland.’ Pretty cool. Wrote the sister piece for my blog, too. Now I am drinking a glass of wine before late dinner. Yay. You know, Cheney, you don’t HAVE to put the pressure on yourself to keep up with the writing. We’ll dig you anyway. 🙂

    1. As always, thank you for your kind & support words. I am trying to figure out the reasonings I am still keeping the pressure on myself.. I’ll keep you posted on that. And sorry that you didn’t enjoy the prize. I suppose male readers of my blog may suffer at times with cute boy gifs and TMI girly rants, but alas. I saw “The Box Trolls” today. I didn’t think it was that great. :-/

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