Day 13 – Grace in Small Things Sunday #4

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gistyellow1.) Having a sleepover with Elise at my friend Chana’s house. It was thrilling for Elise – being able to stay up until TEN O’CLOCK OH MY GOD – and fun for me in that I got to relax and hang out with a friend without having to get a babysitter to do so. We’re going to do that more often, I hope.

2.) The West Wing is on Netflix instant. Nuff said.

3.) Knowing that every day I am getting better and better.

4.) Having gross and heated conversations about gun violence and agression in general and then feeling glad because (even if it’s just an assumption) I don’t think anyone I know is going to go on a shooting rampage.

5.) This sign:


Waging the battle against embitterment with @Schmutzie on Grace in Small Things

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