Day 17 – How Will Make You a Better Writer

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Before I decided to take on the daunting and ridonkulous task of blogging every day for a year, I had ten days in a row of journaling every day on my new favorite website, I can’t remember where I first heard of 750 Words – it was definitely a blogger who first mentioned it on their blog and I wish I could give due credit but I just can’t remember who it was. I thought it was brilliant – a website that encouraged you to write 750 words a day and would give you points and badges and competitions so that you would motivate yourself to keep writing every day. You start out as a little egg and after ten days in a row you become a beautiful flamingo, and you can earn other badges for things like fast typing and having no distractions while you are journaling.


So yeah, it’s sort of cheesy. But let me tell you people, it WORKS. It keeps me writing every day, and what’s more is it’s insightful. It can track metadata that you add to your posts which it will then turn it to charts if the data is numbers based, so you can track things like your mood throughout the week, or weight loss.


It also uses this strange technology that pulls words from your posts and tries to figure out what you are thinking. I honestly haven’t read too much about the science behind it, but the program sort of… knows what you are thinking about when you are writing, and it stores that data as well. 750emotions

Writing that much every day really teaches you a lot about yourself, too. 750 words is about three typed pages, so it’s not an insignificant amount of writing, and it is probably much more than I normally write longhand in a journal nearly daily. To some people that might seem daunting, and to be honest, I thought it would be too, especially if I was going to be doing it EVERY DAY like I want to do. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to write about (BAHAHAHAAA!), or that I would get bored doing it because 3 pages is more like a chore than a fun little journal entry. But, that does not seem to be the case. A few days I had to rush to get the writing done because I squeezed the task in between other daily plans and was afraid I wouldn’t get it done for the day. Luckily, as this program so handily points out, I usually write anywhere between 80-100 words per minute and at that rate it takes only 9-10 minutes to complete 750 words or more. That WPM rate drops way down to the 30s when I am using my 750 words to write my daily blog post, which I actually (because I’m a nutcase) feel like is cheating. Why do I feel like it’s cheating? I dunno, because I’m a masochist and think I should just write more, which I should. Which I really, really should.

Anyway, if you are a writer or a blogger or a journaler I highly encourage you to check out and give it a shot. Oh, and did I mention, it’s FREE?

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