Day 25 – This Particular Stack of Paper

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I was talking to Brian earlier today about my wacky sleep schedule. Every morning that Elise is with me I have to get up with her, so on school days it’s at 7:30 and on weekends it’s about 8 or 9 that I get up. That’s pretty early for me, quite a bit earlier than I would ever like to wake up, because my problem is that I don’t get tired. Like, ever. Usually at around 2am I will tell myself, Cheney, you need to go to bed now because you have to get up in a few hours! But I am not really tired when I do that and it usually takes me a while to drift off. Lately I’ve been getting in bed at around 3am and who knows how long it takes me to drift off after that. My point is, I think my sleep rhythm is different than most peoples. I don’t think I am fully awake or human until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and I don’t start being very productive until 8-9pm. I usually start creative projects (including blogging, journaling, and writing) around 10pm, and I hit my creative stride around midnight. It works for me, for the most part. I honestly don’t know any other way to live. But alas, I ramble.

I was vegging out on my couch tonight watching reruns of The Walking Dead in preparation of the new episodes coming out this week and it occurred to me that maybe I should, like, work on something. I haven’t touched my NaNoWriMo novel, and really, didn’t I just buy a printer so that I can tackle this project properly? So at 9pm I decided it was time to format the document for printing and get to it.


It’s not much. According to Google Docs, it’s 50,225 words and 145 pages – I stopped writing the story right after I had hit the magic NaNo number. So this story isn’t done, not by a long shot. If I had to guess I would say I left off right in the middle of the story I want to tell, which is pretty cool. I have a feeling that if I were really ambitious I could pick right up from here and keep going tonight, but no. I want to read it first. I want to whip it, I want to brutally beat it into a modicum of good shape before I move on. I want to be proud of it, is the thing.

As I was formatting this to print, breaking it down from the large master document into chapters, I noticed some glaring errors that actually made me laugh. For instance, I pretty much wrote the same pivotal scene twice, about 30 pages apart. Why? Probably because when I am in the midst of NaNoWriMo, I don’t stop to look back at what I’ve written or consider too much what I’ve done. I just push on.

It’s been a couple of months, so I am ready to do this now. I am going to read through this beast with a pen and tear it to pieces, and then I am going to print out more copies for friends so they can tear it to pieces as well. I am SO excited about this now.

I have made so many goals and resolutions and intentions this month. A part of me doesn’t even want to reach for what I want most this year – to publish. I am afraid to say that is what I intend to do with this story because I want so much for this dream to come true, I don’t want to let myself down if I don’t get there. But this particular stack of pages has something in it that none of my other NaNo novels did – a really, really good (and fun!) story. So I’m going to go start reading now. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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