Day 26 – Annabel

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This song has kind of a funny story. Last year, following The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday nights was this new show called Hell on Wheels – I tried desperately to keep up with it while it was on TV but I have never been one to be able to sit through scheduled hours of live television so it fell off my radar. Then, this past November I wrote an erotic vampire western novel, and I thought, hey, if I’m writing in the western genre, maybe I should immerse myself in the western genre a little more. So, I went and found that Hell on Wheels in on Netflix, and I watched all of it in like three days. I was obsessed. Mostly because Anson Mount is so super hot, he is my new celebrity boyfriend:

ansonm1Hello, sexy moody broody cowboy.

Cullen Bohannan is his name in the show, and he really is this totally pissed off grump of a cowboy on a vendetta mission from the get go – you aren’t supposed to like him or want to cuddle up with him and make babies with him. He is the epitome of badass in the wild west, and just when you think that he has a sweet side he does something so foul and mannish you’re all like, ugh, typical disgusting MAN!

But anyway, he’s super hot, and of course he has this ridiculous awkward “relationship” with an innocent widow whose life he saved on the prairie one day – or whatever you call it, maybe prairie, maybe it was some woods in the west, I don’t know (I JUST STARTED EDITING MY WESTERN AND MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING TODAY).

So anyway, he has all of this sexual tension with a woman in the show and you just want them to hook up and fall in love more than anything – you want her to catch him and tame him and make him into the gentle baby that you can see is in there under that rough exterior…

… And then when that moment finally comes, when that moment finally comes where that tension builds and builds and comes to that crackling explosion you’ve been waiting for …

It’s not much of an explosion. It’s just this beautiful, awesome moment – the kind of moment women dream about when they finally realize they WANT that man, and they go for it, and they take them.

This is the song that played during Lily Bell & Cullen Bohannan’s moment.

I couldn’t find a live or official version of the song on YouTube, so here I give you the one that has a cheesy still scene from the show where you can sort of tell the depth of his hottness:

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