Day 27 – Grace in Small Things Sunday #6

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1.) That being out in cold temperatures no longer fills me with hate and anger.

2.) That a remarkably bad week is finally coming to an end tonight.

3.) The Monte Cristo Bookshop

4.) Finally starting to edit my NaNoWriMo novel and finding that although there are some serious continuity errors and plot holes (which is to be expected when you keep forging ahead in those 30 days of madness) it’s actually a pretty great story and I’m having fun reading through it for the first time since November.

I finished watching The West Wing on Netflix (again) so I just have to take a moment to tell you that you all should get on Netflix and watch this NOW. RIGHT NOW. Yes, even if you’ve already seen it. Watch it again. It’s better the second and third and even fourth times, because you know, they talk so fast, it’s impossible to get every detail the first time.

Happy Sunday y’all.

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