Day 30 – Reading. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

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I was going to write this whole post today about my history with online writing challenges and how rewarding they are and how influential they are to my own writing – but then something happened to derail that plan.

Weeks ago I entered to win an Advance Reading Copy of one of my favorite author’s new books. Nova Ren Suma was giving away her last ARC of her new book, 17 & Gone, and man, I wanted to win it. Weeks went by and I kept myself from bugging her and asking when she would pick the winner, and then finally the day came when I saw on her blog… that I did not win the ARC.  I did win some book swag, which I should get in a month or so, but the precious ARC went to someone else. Though I am glad I won the swag (because I seriously have never won an online contest for anything EVAR) I was still pretty disappointed.

So, tonight, imagine my surprised when I arrived home and Elise picked up a package on our porch. “We got mail!” she squealed, and I suddenly got nervous. What the heck was it? I didn’t order anything… Did I?  The package was addressed from Penguin Group in NYC. I didn’t order anything…. DID I?!?

So I tore the package open and inside was a copy of 17 & Gone. Whoa. I was giddy, and then I was nervous. I didn’t win the contest! What if this ARC wasn’t for me, what if this really was the last ARC of 17 & Gone, and the winner never got her book because her book was accidentally sent to me?!  I was torn. But I am me. So I tweeted Nova and told her I’d gotten the ARC, and asked if it was a cosmic mistake or love, and said I would pass it along if it wasn’t meant for me. She tweeted back:


Holy shizzle. I am so happy.

So, things are put on hold until this book is finished, erm, probably sometime tomorrow.

I started reading when Elise went to bed at nine and I got through the first 100 pages in an hour and a half. It’s SO GOOD. As good as I expected it to be. Better, maybe. At any rate, until further notice, I’ll be like this:


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