Day 42 – A Little Horror Fest

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I got my internet back today so of course the first thing I wanted to do was be oh-so-productive with my time and watch two horror movies back to back.

I picked some good ones!

I have been kind of burnt out on horror lately, but then again, lately I’ve been turning my zombie novel over and over in my mind, peeking back into it here and there, and so I went out looking for a good zombie flick.

stakelandThe first one I watched though, was actually a vampire movie. BUT the vampires in it were pretty much Walking Dead ish zombies with fangs. It was called Stake Land, and was about a young teen “boy” who was rescued by a badass vamp killer and trained to fight and kill them while they made their way slowly north to the promise of a safer place. The two of them picked up a few great characters along the road, ones that you got really attached to. The character development and acting was great. The ending was a little weird and over dramatic I thought, but it was definitely a great movie and I gave it five stars.


deadseasonThen, I watched Dead Season, an actual zombie movie that follows this guy and a woman he picks up along the way as they seek safety on an island off the coast of Miami. They think they are going to a safe place with no ‘walkers’ but when they get there they find out that they are among a bunch of crazies who like to do medical testing and also eat each other. This was like a 3-4 star movie, but it had good gore.

Oh, these days have been so boring, I must tell you. We had that terrible blizzard and then today was bleak and raining this terrible ice rain with this terrible fog, and still I sat in my house and did nothing after Elise got picked up because this weather has gotten me into a funk that I need to get myself up and out of tomorrow.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

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