Day 56 – I’m Writing a Book Called Arctura

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Since yesterday morning I have written a total of 11,445 words. I made myself a spreadsheet, which I like to do when I am being particularly productive, because seeing the numbers lined up and growing encourages me to write even more so the numbers get bigger and bigger, and this is how NaNoWriMo works out so well for me most of the time. I just love to see that number get bigger and bigger.

This fall, I decided I wanted to write an erotic vampire western. I don’t know jack about westerns, I am only just starting to figure out how to make any sort of erotica or erotic romance work for it to be enjoyable (or even plausible) to readers. And, well, what can I say? I’ll always love vampires. The point is, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I didn’t have an outline, I didn’t even really have a plot. I had a few loosely sketched characters and the goal of “erotic vampire western” at the start of November.

And so I wrote an erotic vampire western in the first 26 days of November and I spent the last five days of the month wondering, again, what the hell I was doing squandering my potential at a job I hated.

So yesterday morning I said to myself, I want to write a space opera. So I started writing a space opera, and as of about an hour ago I’ve written 11,445 words of a story that has a plot! and characters with complex histories! and some sexual tension! and some mystery and intrigue! AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL I’M DOING BUT I’M DOING IT ANYWAY!

I don’t know the first thing about writing a space opera. I think I’ve seen maybe fifteen or twenty episodes of Star Trek in my life, I’ve never seen Firefly or Doctor Who, and I never even finished watching Battlestar Gallactica. (I KNOW.) So I get to these parts in the story where I just type: [INSERT ALIEN NAME HERE] and [some amount of light years away] because I don’t want to stop writing to search the internet for facts about space travel and our solar system or look for alien name generators (there are tons of them) (a friend told me). I just want to keep writing the story! Because there’s a plot! and these characters that are doing things!

It’s just one of those wonderful, rare times where the writing just comes when I want it to, when I sit down with my keys on the keyboard and they just GO.

It’s been wonderful, so wonderful, and I really hope it lasts!

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