Day 67: Another Snow Day

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I can’t believe it – another snow day for Elise. They already canceled her February vacation and pushed the last day of school back to June 25 – it’s crazy how much school she has missed this year between snow days and the hurricane back in October.

Today was a great day, though. I generally love snow days, and tomorrow should be even better. We’re going to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then go to my moms house, and then after dinner there we are having another sleepover at Chana’s and then on Sunday a potluck dinner. All very exciting, which is good because for at least half the day today Elise was just like this:

Tonight I have my butt in the chair and I am writing about zombies. I was really on a roll with Arctura last week and now for some reason, well, there is a reason that I am not ready to spill yet, I’m all zombie-obsessed these last few days. It’s okay. These are always happy and productive times. Zombies are still my thing, after all.

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