Day 73 – A Big Book Backlog

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Back in the day I used to blog about all of the books I read. Whenever I finished a book I would immediately blog about it – I am not going to flatter myself and say I reviewed the books, because I notoriously fail at making my own summarizations and stating my thoughts intelligently without giving anything away. Still though, I would write about what I thought of the book and to me that was review enough – and to some authors I am sure it is as well.

I have completed nine books so far this year (I am still debating on whether to include The Mist as a tenth, but it is technically considered a novella. Do those count?) and I have a lot of book blogging to catch up on, because honestly all of the books I’ve read so far have been great and worth mentioning.

Yesterday I was at Monte Cristo Bookshop and I picked up a copy of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything and started thumbing through it when Chris damn near freaked out and told me that I HAD TO READ THIS BOOK because it was so amazing. I have been considering and writing a lot of sci-fi lately and speculating a lot with friends on space travel’s ins and outs, but I never thought I would just enjoy reading a book about science, much less the history of science.

Yeah. This is another one of those times when I realize I was wrong and have learned something new about myself (and also remembered something old).

I love non-fiction! And I haven’t read nearly enough of it in the last two or three years. It’s nice to again be in the depths of something that makes me feel smarter every time I turn the page.

I am going to do some more reading tonight, but tomorrow? I have a mission. I’m going to blog about a book… or two.. or three..

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  1. I’ve just gotten into nonfiction. I’m always afraid the writing may be boring or hard to understand, but just need the right content.

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