Day 77 – New Digs

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So, here’s the deal. I made a new website. WWW.HELLOCHENEY.COM Yeah, I know. But the truth is I only have my blog on for the community aspect of it (WAVES HELLO TO ALL THE WONDERFUL NEW BLOGGING FRIENDS I’VE MADE THIS YEAR!) but I actually hate not being able to host my own website and have total control over everything, and didn’t allow me to have the total sense assaulting color explosion that I was really going for.

I am still going to post here daily until the end of 2013 (or for as long as I can hold up my daily streak) but I will often probably link to the other blog to, so I will share the feed tomorrow for you kind folks who would like to follow me around.

In other news, I started writing a new story today and I am over 3K words in and leaving you now to go pound out some more. BUTT IN THE CHAIR, PEOPLE! That’s how you get shit done!

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