Day 78 – Invasion

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Yesterday I started writing something new.

This would normally be the part where I tell you everything it’s about and share parts of it with you online, or with friends out in the world. I don’t think I am going to do that this time, though.

I worked really hard on Arctura for a few weeks, and the problem I think, the reason I think I stopped being excited about that project, was because I shared it with people. I printed it out and gave a copy to Gina, and even worse, I started to talk to Chris about astronomy and space and science, SCIENCE! And that lead me to think to myself the usual thing I think to myself which is,

It’s crap, this is crap, it’s all crap, everything’s crap!

And then I stop working on it, and that is something that just happens from time to time.

But, from time to time, something else happens, something much like what happened in the beginning with Arctura where I wrote more than 5K words a day there a few times. The thing is, I get invaded, I get taken over. Call it inspiration, call it a muse, whatever you want. It takes over and I am totally lost in it, and usually, like with tonight, I have dinner plans and I am going to go out to dinner with friends anyway even though I really don’t want to. I am writing this blog post because I made a commitment to blog everyday, not because I want to.

Because I’d rather be writing. I need to have a sign or something that says that, or a bumper sticker. Hm..

Anyway, I am invaded. It’s a full on invasion over here, and as usual it’s a rollicking good time.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?