Day 8 – This Is How To Make Things Work

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Bleed. Or don’t,
Depending on the words he’s said,
And if he deserves your honesty,
Though you never get his.

Remember not to trust him
No matter how much you want to.
He does not deserve it.
Remember the times
He turned on you.
Remember the times you’ve said
I’ll never let him do this again
But now, try keeping your word.

Let him know you see through him.
Tell him you are not impressed.
Remind him you are not
Something to take for granted.
Remind him that you have secrets, too,
And that you are just as strong.

Remind him that you love him.
Remind him how easily things can change.

Sometimes I write poems, and this is one of those times. I have this huge thick book that is half full of poetry I wrote between 2001-2006ish and I have hardly written any new poems since. I had considered a few times doing a poem a day for a year, but did not think I was up for that task.

But, it’s been one of those days that I’ve just been all over the place and haven’t had much time to sit with my own thoughts and write a coherent blog post. So this is what comes out of my head when I just let the things come out of my head. Feels good to know that is something I can slip in and out of.

2 Comments on “Day 8 – This Is How To Make Things Work”

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