Day 85 – What the Desert Makes Me Think of Now

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you never want to hear
that someone you love is missing

maybe it would be better
to just be told that people you love are dead
and that way,
if they are ever found,
you can be filled with joy and wonder

because when you just hear that someone is missing
there is only one emotion, and that is fear

fear that wears masks
fear of accidents, fear of getting a limb stuck under a boulder
and having to cut off your arm to survive
fear of deception, fear of thinking you’re going to get laid
and then you get murdered and buried in the desert instead

i’ve never been to the desert
but when i heard you were missing
all i could picture was
bright orange sand
and your body resting atop it,

Today Brian’s mom sent me a Facebook message asking whether I had talked to him in the last few days and she was worried that he was missing. She had already tracked his cell phone and found that he had used it last like 50 miles from home, and she was about to call that town’s sheriff to send them out looking for Brian’s car.

For five or ten minutes today I thought Brian could be dead. He could have gone out hiking and gotten hurt or lost in the Arizona desert and died.

Then I thought I should call him. Leave a message on his phone, hear his voice.

He answered when I called.

He apparently decided it would be okay to go off-roading in an Audi SUV and accidentally turned into a creek bed and got his car stuck nose down in the sand. So he’s fine. But he’s in really big trouble with me and his mom for worrying everyone.

Well, it gives you an awful lot of perspective in your life when you think your best friend is dead for a few minutes.

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