Day 89 – We Are Mothers

CheneyFriendship, Poetry0 Comments

Today someone asked
how long we have been friends

and I tilted my head
my thinking pose

was it in fourth grade that we met?
was it in fifth that we became friends?
was it in sixth that we became best friends?

and then I was struggling to remember
what the hell was the name of
my sixth grade homeroom teacher?

and I realized that
the reason i couldn’t remember
was because that was twenty years ago

so we have been friends for over twenty years now

and you may argue that we were not friends
for twenty years, because there
were some years in there that we did not see each other

but when I try to remember why it was
that we had some distance
did we fight? did we have a falling out?
i just can’t remember
which must mean it doesn’t matter anyway

because we have been friends for twenty years
we can actually measure things by whole decades now
we are all old, and mothers, and mothers

what the hell.
we are mothers.

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