Deliciously Pigless

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I guess I don’t blog about food a lot, even though eating food is one of my favorite personal pasttimes. Maybe this is because I know that I probably wouldn’t be even close to a mediocre food blogger let alone a good one. I wouldn’t know the first thing about technical terms for the way things are cooked, or what kind of vegetable anything is… but I can definitely comment upon deliciousness, and here is something delicious:

Honey mustard (the sweet kind) has recently become my favorite condiment. It used to be barbeque sauce, and I would tell anyone who was crazy enough to ask a related question that if pressed (not even hard pressed, just pressed) I would barbeque my own arm and eat it. Then I found honey mustard to be the nectar of the gods – the kind of honey mustard that is bright yellow and tastes neither like honey nor mustard but just fits into that spot of my soul that screams out DELICIOUS whenever I come across something I can cover with it – like french fries, or lettuce, or my child.

People, if you like potato chips – GET THEE TO THE STORE AND BUY THESE. I have it on good authority that these particular chips do not include any pig. Which I suppose can be construed as either a good or bad thing, depending on the pig.

*This post was brought to you by my bored, hungry, and uninspired ass. And of course it’s not sponsored, because I get about 20 pageviews a month. Heh.

2 Comments on “Deliciously Pigless”

  1. Following over from the NaBloPoMo blogroll for August.I would tend to disagree with you on your food writing prowess. Food that fits in to the category of "fits into that spot of my soul that screams out DELICIOUS" would be a huge selling point for me. I will eat them, with pig or without. Also, barbecued arms? Yum.Good luck this month.

  2. also from nablopomo…i just wrote a post on being a "foodie" though you wouldn't be able to tell it in my descriptions in said post, so there…you can be a better writer with less knowledge or have 16+ years in the restaurant business and be burned out on talking about it but still LOVE food…these chips sound yummy! enjoying the randomness…

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