Eat your planetains.

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A co-worker of mine just returned from a month long trip to her home country of Scotland and had an interesting story to tell about her return to the United States. Apparently her husband didn’t know that it was wrong to stash a banana in his carry-on bag after passing through customs back overseas, and they were quite surprised when a banana sniffing beagle at JFK airport had a sudden interest in his bag. Long story short, her whole party (there were eight of them travelling together) had to go through security for a second time, and all of them had to completely unpack and re-pack their bags for the customs agents before getting BACK into the line they had started out with. Total time between getting off the plane and getting to their car? Six and a half hours. 

I told this story to my friend Brian and he cracked up, wondering why this man would do such a moronic thing. I don’t know how it happened, but then it started a conversation about bananas on planes. Planetains. Get it? PLANEtains? And then that snowballed into something like this:

Brian: Please enjoy your complementary Planetains and peanuts for your overseas flight.

Cheney: Please return your tray tables and planetains to their in-flight position.

Brian: Look, these planetains are actually SHAPED like little airplanes!

Cheney: Please throw your planetain peel in the planetain pail and keep your planetain clean!

In other words, we’re psychos.

Later on that night we took a trip to Westerly and I had the biggest espresso martini of my life at Perks & Corks. This was it:


It was totally delicious. Then we decided to try going to this popular beachside place called Paddy’s, but they were closed. I was not going to let a closed down bar jeopardize my ability to stick my feet in the water – the waves on Westerly beaches are much bigger and stronger than those in New London and Waterford, and the sand was much softer, smoother and just generally nicer feeling as well. I really want to head up there during the day sometime and bring Elise.

Speaking of Elise, my poor daughter, I have hardly seen her all week. My car broke down last Friday and since I wouldn’t have a car to bring her to school, she spent most of the week between her dad and grandmother’s house. Elise was with me last night, we spent the evening at Alisha’s house where she played with Addie and the dog – yes that’s right ELISE PLAYED WITH THE DOG, and then had an early bedtime. Today, she got to go on a field trip to a bowling alley! Lucky!!

This weekend starts today, soon, with going to see a rock show. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to any sort of rock show, and this one is bound to be rockin. It’s actually a *secret* show – at least the band that I am primarily going to see is a secret, so I will wait to blog on that more later. Then, tomorrow is Tessa & Alex’s wedding up in the boonies of north-western Mass. I actually don’t even know where exactly, or who’s getting me there, but I’m going!!

And finally, let me say… today is a very special day. One year ago today, a special girl was born – a girl that I love as much as if she were my own child, a girl that is sure to be Elise’s lifelong BFF. Here was Addie when I held her for the very first time:

And here she is today, this bright and bubbling and beautiful girl – Happy first birthday, Adeline Rose. Auntie Cheney loves you!

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