Election 2014 … More Early November Nerves!

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I am trying to stay up to see the results of the Connecticut governors race – the one I am most interested in today – but I just don’t think I am going to make it. So far, at almost 11:30pm, not even half the votes are in and Tom Foley (R) is leading Dan Malloy (D) by ONE percentage point, 50% to 49%. I knew it would be close, but not this close.


Voting is important, people. Now that the day has come and gone, I wish I had done more for this election. I wish I had stood on a street corner with a sign or worked some phone banks or even offered up my dirty ass car to give people rides to the polls. It’s important to vote, no matter who you vote for.

Me, I’m a proud Democrat. I think we need to keep this country moving forward. We need to do more for the common good. We need to help those in need. That’s why I’m a Democrat.

I really hope Dan Malloy wins tonight. I know that life will go on if he doesn’t, but certainly there are going to be some noticeable crappy changes in Connecticut if he loses.

Plus, I have it on good authority that if Malloy get’s re-elected he will move to legalize marijuana in Connecticut. 🙂

5 Comments on “Election 2014 … More Early November Nerves!”

  1. Oh, to dream, Cheney. Just don’t ever be one of those folks who cold-calls people to try to sway votes or get them to vote. Me, a devoted vote-every-election-day-and-knows-for-who-and-why, has whipped up a rather healthy dislike for those unwanted rings. On my cell, too, now. Fuggedaboudit people. Did Demo Dan win?

    1. Demo Dan did indeed win. When we Dems phone bank around here it goes something like “Hello, my name is Cheney and I’m calling on behalf of the Democratic Town Committee to remind you that today is an election day. I would be happy to tell you your polling location, and can even set up free transportation to and from the polls if that would be helpful to you.”

      Most people are very gracious. Are they unwanted? By some people, for sure, but other people are thankful for the reminder and even MORE thankful for the ride to the polls, especially senior citizens.

      Not sure if this is the approach the other side takes, but in my town, in my state, it works. We’re blue a blue dee a blue daaa

      1. Yes, your pleasant and respectful approach would be most welcome at my household, Cheney. 🙂
        I got Robo Voice saying Andrew Cuomo is running for reelection as governor of New York State. Well, no shit, Sherlock! Or at 6 p.m. yesterday, a droll, Today is Election Day. Gee, thanks, I voted first thing! Some approaches turn me off. Yours is very ynice, blue a blue dee a blue daaa. FYI my demo vote for Andrew backed the winner. 🙂

        1. Awesome! I’m just happy to hear that people vote. Mid-term elections are just as important as presidential ones. And you catch more flies with honey, right? 🙂

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