F This Day.

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Elise’s biggest chore is taking out the recycling every week – it really is a big chore, because I am a good little doobie of a recycler and we accrue at least one big box of stuff every week if not more (because the box in the kitchen is usually overflowing).

Today Elise took out the recycling and in the process got herself a nasty little cut on her finger. We washed it up and band-aided it, but the boo boo kept hurting and she had to keep telling me… And showing me.


I know, Elise. I feel the same way.

On Monday night I started feeling sick, Tuesday morning felt like total crap so I just rested and did nothing all day long, but this morning I woke up and my sinuses were clear and my throat didn’t hurt and I thought that the couple doses of Dayquil / Nyquil had done their tricks and I was finished.

But then I had to go do laundry and go grocery shopping today. I should have just stayed home and rested some more and put laundry off another day, because who really needs to wear underwear, right? COMMANDO!

Apparently I wore myself out with those awful chores because by the afternoon I felt like crap and by the late evening I felt like garbage and now that it’s almost bedtime I feel like I might just die in my sleep.

Probably not, I’m being dramatic.

I just hate doing these life chores – laundry and groceries? The WORST.

I hope that one day I be a real adult and live in a real house with my own washer and dryer!!!

A girl can dream, right?

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  1. Life chores are totallllly the worst! And aw, poor Elise. At least she got a funny pic out of it. She’ll appreciate it in her late teens. 🙂

    1. Rara, I’m so pleased to see that you are out & back with us. I feel like a jerk with my little complaints after what you’ve been through in the last year. Your strength is an inspiration !

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