First Day of Summer ’15

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I was happier than I looked. Everything was so bright.

I was also hiding puffy red eyes under those sunglasses from the 40 minutes of crying I did in my therapist’s office today.

I’m back at that work, and it’s a slow going process as usual.

Trying to look on the bright side of things – like now I get to spend more time with Elise and enjoy more of the summer out in the sun like you’re supposed to. For now, anyway.

Today, an evening at Seaside with Jill and Elise.

Elise made a friend of everyone she saw including a crazy woman who swam for like an hour in 60 degree water like it was no big deal while I was feeling hypothermic just looking at her, and her little dog Ozzy. I’m about 90% positive her friend was drunk, but YOLO!


Please welcome the view you will be getting over and over and over again this summer.

It was really hazy on the horizon today, so all you get is a speck of ferry in the distance and a shore with a very long low tide.

Oh, welcome, summer. Please be good to us.

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