First Day

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“Here they come. Quick, everyone, finish your coffees! Put on your masks!”

They spread their mouths into grimaces that, with luck, will pass as genuine smiles.

Somewhere behind them, a bell rings.

The first bus pulls up, and the children pour out.

17 Comments on “First Day”

    1. I hope they don’t feel that way. But it’s the way I would feel! I could NEVER be a teacher and deal with so many kids day after day. They are saints, and we’re all blessed to have them!

  1. I know many teachers that would appreciate this one. I can relate as a mom that used to stay at home and did a secret happy butt dance when my sassy one got on the bus in the morning.

    1. Yeah there are definitely some mornings I’m glad to see my child off to school. I could NEVER be a teacher. Too many kids all at once!

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