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What the hell day is it now? Is it only the fourth?

I feel like I have four jobs. I’m a single mom, obviously, and even though I hate referring to taking care of Elise as “work”, let’s be honest here, people. I have the day job (ugh), I have Daryl’s campaign and all the volunteering I have been doing lately, and I have NaNoWriMo. And a blog a day on top of it?! Dang, November – you’re going to drive me into therapy once and for all, but at least blogging is cheaper than therapy…

This morning, after getting Elise onto the bus, instead of crawling back in bed like a deadbeat I headed downtown and stood on the corner of Bank and State Street with a Save Riverside Park sign. I wish I had pictures, but alas, we were too busy waving at all the honking cars that were rushing by to take one – also, I forgot. The support looked great this morning, and there were only three of us down there – my friends Zak, Shannon, and myself. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride you get when someone gives a thumbs up or takes a moment to honk for your rallying. 

After breakfast I went to breakfast with Shannon and Zak at Monica’s State Street Diner – having breakfast with friends before work is not something I can recall doing in the past, which is a damn shame, because it was a great start to the morning and definitely made for a better day. 

Work was good, Elise had a good day at school, we went out to dinner at the Lucky Inn and I had their wonderful General Tsos that they cook with more cinannamon than any other Chinese joint I can think of and it’s delicious… and then I came home and started writing after Elise went to bed.

I’m up to 6,795 words, so technically I am exactly 33 words above my word goal for the forth day. It’s awesome, I haven’t even finished the first chapter yet, and tonight for some amazing reason the words are just falling from my hands – I love it when that happens.

So, there it is. Day Four. Going strong, fighting the good fight, keepin’ it real.

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