Frankie Frankerstein

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When we got to the pool today, Elise quickly discovered this frog hiding out in the pool filter, and she quickly announced she wanted to save him. 

I warned her that if she knocked the frog into the pool it would probably die – it’s a salt water pool, heavily salinated with some extra chemicals for sanitation, but I swear I have seen little frogs jump in that pool and die upon contact with that water, which is probably toxic for them. 

She didn’t listen. 

She tried scooping Frankie up but he slithered out of her hands and started swimming away. He swam all the way across the pool and then got stuck in the corner, jumping hopelessly, trying to get out. 

Elise kept trying to pick him up and lift him out, but he was too slippery. Finally she made a little net and scooped him onto the side of the pool, where he sat and watched us the entire time we swam. 

She has such a big heart for such a little thing. 

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