Genesis Plague 

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I saw this book advertised in Bookbub or Pixel of Ink, so it must have been free or $0.99 because that’s how I’ve been finding most of the books I’ve read in the last few years.

I thought this was going to just be another tale of a super bug that kills off a huge percentage of the population, which I am totally cool with, so I was pleasantly surprised when in the first few chapters there was tons of adventure! 

Faults cracking underwater at the site of a famous and lucrative shipwreck! A boiling wall of bubbles erupting from the ocean floor! 



An eruption of Mauna Loa! 

I’m only 11% through the book. This is sweet. I love it when this happens. 

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  1. I subscribe to Amazon’s Science Fiction and Fantasy newsletter. They always have some very interesting things for .99 that I probably would have never known about, otherwise.

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