Gifts of Sorts 

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I finally finished this project today. 

Well, I finished it a week ago, but I finally ironed, matted, and framed it  today so that I could give it to my friend Stef whose wedding was two weeks ago. 

Oops. She was on her honeymoon, anyway. 

She seemed thrilled about this gift. She actually said I was the only one who came to her wedding that actually gave her a real gift and not just cash or gift cards. That felt nice to hear.

I love giving homemade gifts. I honestly (really, truly) feel like giving homemade, heart felt gifts actually feels better than receiving a gift.

You know what else is a great gift? 

Blog comments. 

I know, I’m cheesy and sentimental like that. 

But yesterday I wrote a piece of fiction and posted it on my blog – for the first time in what feels like a really long time – and I have gotten great feedback and supportive comments, and those are beautiful, very appreciated gifts. 

Let the love spread all around! 

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