Goodbye, Susan.

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Lots of pressure lately to get things done with not enough inspiration to go around for all the balls in the air. 

I’m so excited to be working on something that is important but at the same time I feel anxious because my own creative endeavors are suffering for it. No writing challenges, fluff blog posts, nothing real or of substance.

And then, tonight, playing our first game of a new D&D campaign, I took a minute to check Facebook and was met with sadness. 

Goodbye, Susan, goodbye.

I didn’t know her. Which is to say, I never met her. But I did know her, through years of reading her words and occasionally commenting, and then one day recently, like a gift, she commented back. She came here, to my home. She let herself in the back door. She read words that meant something to me, and shared her thoughts. She reached out and touched me. And now she’s gone. 

So, take her husband’s words to heart. Honor her. Go out and make a difference somewhere, anywhere, for anyone.

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