Grace in Small Things # 1

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Let’s face it: We’re all waging our own battles against embitterment, right? 

Schmutzie, a blogger I adore, started this social network, Grace In Small Things, so that people would remember the positive things in life that often go overlooked. 

It’s sad to say, I need this. I mean, yes, it’s a nice thing to do, write a list of the postive things in life, things you’ve noticed throughout the days that make you happy, the things that you are grateful for. But when I started to write this post and started thinking, What will I put on my list?, I realized how hard it was – for me to just sit down and gather a few positive thoughts. So I need this, as often as possible, don’t I?

Here are some of the things that have made me exceptionally happy lately – I am grateful for all of them:

1.) Addie’s first birthday party is tomorrow, and it will also be the occasion of Elise’s first sleepover at Alisha’s house – she’s never spent the night anywhere besides home and grandparent’s house’s, so this will be fun, and interesting.

2.) Digging up an old story that I haven’t worked on in years and realizing it is a lot better than I thought it was and seriously considering diving into it again.

3.) The surprise dinner provided by the roomie tonight: a delicious grilled cheeseburger and some cheesy mashed potatos.

4.) Reading all of these: BlogHer Community Keynote: Voices of the Year.

5.) Getting a date for next Wednesday night. Yeah. That happened.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?