Grace in Small Things # 2

CheneyGrace In Small Things0 Comments

1.) Discovering a new band at one o’clock in the morning because I am a Tumblr addict, and now suddenly an Owen addict. 

2.) Coming out of the writing closet, dropping my pen name and feeling all at once more free and more under pressure than I have ever been in my life – but every little bit of pressure is just what I was looking for to get my ass in gear and start writing regularly again.

3.) Sharing LOST with my best friend, experiencing something I love all over again, but even better this time.

4.) Having sweet secrets that keep on surprising me over and over again, holding them close to my heart and never wanting to let go.

5.) September – and all of the things I have to look forward to: campaigning for Daryl Finizio, finally getting to see a Royale Brothers show, and yeah, my 29th birthday – in just twenty days.

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