Grace in Small Things Sunday # 15

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1. The heat in my house. It’s wonderful. On cold nights, I crank it up to 70 degrees and bask in the warmth and thank the gods that I can afford to do that when there are so many people who can’t.

2.  Having a job. That’s something that I am continually thankful for, so much so that I don’t mind stating that over and over again. Last month, for the first time since I became unemployed last December, I paid all of my bills in full and on time. I was really, really proud of myself for that.

3. The time spent with Elise – it’s so precious now that I am working so much. Sometimes I feel like I hardly see her during the week, so every moment with her is more precious than it used to be it seems.

4. Fun with friends – I’ve been having a lot of that lately now that Jill is back from Hawaii with her new boyfriend (my old friend) Nathan. We have all been spending a lot of time together and that is good because all of my days are long and some of them get pretty lonely.

5. Those few warm days we had this week – because WINTER IS COMING and we might not have many more warm, or even moderately warm, or NOT FREEZING days left. Le sigh, how I hate the winter and I’m thankful, SO THANKFUL we haven’t had any snow yet.

I participate (sometimes) in Schmutzie’s gratitude project, Grace in Small Things

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