H is for Harry Potter

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Because Harry Potter, duh!!

I’m not going to single out a particular book in the series, because every single one of them was just about perfect, and every one needs the other. It’s an epic saga, a complete tale.

I wish that I had read these books as they were originally released. Wish I had the chance to actually grow up with them and read one story a year until I was a teenager.

I am trying to do that with Elise – sort of.

Right around New Years we started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone together at night before bed. Which is kind of funny, because I had been trying to get Elise to watch the movies with me and she kept refusing to watch them, saying she didn’t want to watch them because they were “boring” and “old” which to her nine year old brain is the worst shade you can throw at something or someone. Anyway, I somehow convinced her that we needed to read Harry Potter, and reading a little bit of a chapter each night before bed started to become my favorite part of the day.

We’re almost to the end of the second book now, and totally loving it. I’m wondering though, whether we need to slow down. I talked to her about taking a break for a year or so and explaining why we should do that, and she was not happy about the idea. I am just concerned that the maturity level will be an issue soon.

But oh, what a wonderful story this is. JK Rowling is a total magician herself, in my humble opinion, for crafting such a meticulously plotted epic and building such a believable world – a world that EVERYONE wishes they could live in – so much so, that there’s a theme park to visit now! To me, that’s insane. And totally inspiring.

Harry Potter needs to be read by everyone in the world. We should be dropping copies of the series into the remotest parts of illiterate Earth, and spread the joy as far as we can.

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  1. My daughter would completely agree with you. She devoured the books over and over. Her favourite trip was to Harry Potter Land (not sure of its official name) in Florida. I have to admit that it was a lot of fun and almost magical. The best thing I guess to the real thing! Cheryl

    1. I haven’t been there yet! I hope to be able to take my girl there before she gets too old to really appreciate the magic. I also just HAVE to know if Butterbeer tastes just like it sounds.

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