Halloween 2014

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So since I am making relatively no progress on NaNoWriMo and leaving my NaBloPoMo post until literally the eleventh hour, I think I better make it a good one. This is what is going on around here.

For one thing, I am glad I took a lot of pictures of Elise in her Halloween costume last weekend at the Trunk or Treat event, because I totally failed at getting pictures of her in her costume on Halloween night when we were out trick-or-treating.



Totally blurry and crappy. I completely failed Halloween pictures this year. However, I totally ruled at trick-or-treating.

We set off from Chana’s house at about 6, went out for about an hour and a half, stopped back at Chana’s to drop off some candy and Elise’s coat which she refused to wear even though it was probably only 50 something degrees and RAINING half the time. Yes, I also carried around two umbrellas along with the pillowcase full of candy. Elise was using her little pumpkin bucket to carry her candy, but when it got too heavy or full we dumped it into my pillowcase so I could haul it around. After a break we went out walking into another neighborhood and I lost track of time (and miles) and we got back to Chana’s a little after 9. That’s THREE HOURS of trick-or-treating. Probably longer than I ever went myself when I was a kid, so Elise, don’t say I never did anything cool for you. I doubt many moms did that much walking. In the rain.

There was one hilarious moment when Curious Elise was peering into a glass door when suddenly a pit bull appeared right in her face and scared the bejeesus out of her! She jumped at least a foot in the air and screamed, and I nearly got the perfect moment on film. Dark, crappy, camera phone film:


We marveled over the amount of candy. I haven’t weighed it yet. I should. I estimate it’s much closer to ten pounds than five pounds of candy. This is what happened when I told Elise should could pick one more piece before bed:


It was great being able to take the day off and be the one to take Elise trick or treating this year. Mike took her last year and I hate missing out on cool stuff like this because of stupid work. I had to work Saturday, and that was annoying – work has been really annoying lately – and then today we finally had a proper potluck again, followed by a round of my favorite game for terrible people.


It was a great weekend, considering, and in spite of the fact that I am sucking at NaNoWriMo. Technically I wrote 1672 words between yesterday and today, I didn’t write any more this evening so that means I am now a day behind. And I don’t know whether I want to continue the story I began last night or move on to something else. It’s a mess, I am a mess over it.

But now it’s 11:57pm, so technically I haven’t failed at at least one thing today. Sleep is coming now, and more writing tomorrow. I wonder what stories the words will bring?

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  1. Your phone pictures are fair, Cheney, not awful. Stop beating yourself, up, please and thank you. You were a great mom this Halloween. The Elise peering through the door waiting before the dog springs shot is cool. Her head in the candy bag shot is awesome. You’ll be loving that one for many years to come.

    The novel writing month day by day thing? You can catch up. Just saying. You can double up one day you have off. Some slack for you, good and kind woman. Nano Poblano host just wrote it as a prescription! 🙂

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