Happy Halloween!

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This year I am not dressing up for Halloween. Waaaahooooo!

I know, even I am mildly surprised by my own lack of desire to participate in Halloween in any meaningful way this year. My plan for a costume was to NOT have a plan for a costume, and I’ll tell you, I am more relaxed and relieved over that than I thought possible. Turns out, in my old age I just don’t enjoy Halloween as much as I used to. In the last few years I have found it to be a waste of time, money, and a huge hassle. I’m glad that I am finally owning up to not giving a crap about showing off for Halloween.

That’s not to say I won’t participate. I am taking Elise trick-or-treating tonight, and that’s good enough for me. No costume parties this year, no Halloween bashes at bars. I’m all set, thanks.

oldmeMy friend Sara posted that old picture of us today, from a Halloween long ago. That was before Elise was born, so at least ten years. I remember I was living with Amy at the time and that picture was taken outside of Sara’s apartment in Albany at the Halloween party we drove up there for. That was the night my friend Brad and I crashed a party. I mean, we really crashed a party. See? I didn’t always hate Halloween. And I didn’t always have such boring “mom” hair.


Oh yeah, and this is happening. Later tonight, much later, I guess I am going to start writing another novel. I don’t know what it’s going to be about this year. I am totally unprepared and “pantsing” it, as it were. My plan is to open up a new Scrivener file and put my fingers to the keyboard at midnight and just sort of see what happens.

Also, NaBloPoMo is starting tomorrow, and I am going to try to do that this month, too. What the hell? Why not make TWO ridiculous writing commitments after not blogging or writing like at all for practically an entire year?

This should be fun.


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  1. I was a Halloween grinch this year too. I didn’t even buy candy. I actually like handing out candy to cute little jellyfish, but last year we didn’t have any. This year, I had no intention of eating an entire bag of cheap chocolate myself, so I grinched out. It was a very good move. I condone your lack of effort.

    1. Hmm. Well, the only effort I’m putting into Halloween is eating my daughter’s candy. Not sure if you’d condone that but I felt I should be honest.

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