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  1. Celeste Neumann
    February 20, 2012 @ 9:35 am

    Don't you find it very strange how so many very "loud" people in America are "fighting" (legislating) over the rights of embryos, but no one seems to be particularly interested in the rights of living children?I imagine the horror as such: You become pregnant at the age of 17 because your boyfriend convinced you weren't "normal" if you refused to have sex. Then your parents disowned you and threw you out of the house because you weren't a "normal" daughter. Then you tried to obtain an abortion to go back to having a "normal" life, but the medical community claimed it's not "normal" to want an abortion. So you struggled and gave birth to the child in a half-way house. Of course after the birth, the father did want to support you, because it's not "normal" that one has a baby at your age. And worse yet, the state didn't want to support you or the child at all. Punishment for sin is "normal" for your non-"normal" behaviour. Does anyone really expect this child will grow up and be a "normal" law-abiding citizen? I think one day soon, American woman will flee to Europe and beg for political asylum.


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