Howard the Unicorn

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At the Yankee Swap party I went to tonight, there happened to be this unicorn. Beau, my old friend and party host, was the one to purchase this “gag” gift. The joke was on him though, when I stole this fine corn-ed thing from it’s first owner, Ru, who was shocked to see it part ways with her.

The unicorn is, of course, my D&D vampire pixie’s valiant steed, and although my character doesn’t have a name yet, her unicorn does.


See, it was Esmerelda, but then she had an identity crisis and got a sex change, to be the manly unicorn she always knew he/she was inside. Esmerelda is hertofore named Howard, and he embraces his sexuality and chooses to accept the mission of accompanying me to all of my nerdy games.

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