How’s It Coming Along?

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Not well. Elise and I are both sick with stomach bugs. I stayed home from work today, had to pick Elise up early from school, and I already know I’m staying home tomorrow to be close to my bathroom and hopefully find some peace. 

I hate being sick – even the fact of being able to have a day off of work with a good excuse isn’t worth it. I’d rather stay home from work when I am feeling well and can enjoy the day – this just sucks.

I have to write my Indie Ink Challenge piece today or tomorrow, as it is due tomorrow night. I have a great prompt this week, a great prompt that is going to bring me back into the world of Hannah and Evan, and that really excites me. It’s fun working on this story that I have had brewing and stewing in me for so long, but doing it in a way that is randomly prompted week to week. It might take me years to pull a novel together out of all of the muck that is floating around in my mind when it comes to these characters and their story, but it will be well worth it.

In other news, I have picked up with my zombie story again, the one that I had shared with Dan and got all messed up over. That is coming more easily to me now and I am really excited to be working on it again. Maybe I will be able to finish something good after all.

So, I found this blog post today and thought I’d share it – it’s about how writers feel when asked “How’s your novel coming along?” 

Basically? Don’t ask that question. We writers don’t like it.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?