I Fed a Giraffe Named Becca Today

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Becca was super cool. According to our tour guides, she is actually one of the most shy and skittish of the Busch Gardens Tampa giraffes, but she ate right out of my hand (while Elise cowered in fright behind me) and she was totally sweet and cool. 

Her tongue was long and black and she drooled a little more than I thought she would, and had adorable eyelashes. 

Other fun facts I learned about giraffes: only about 47% of giraffes survive their first year of life because they are, at “only” around 10 feet tall, vulnerable to predators, but once they are older, watch out! Apparently they have a kick that can kill a lion! 

Becca also ate 3 heads of romaine lettuce in under ten minutes, so I’m glad it was a short visit if you know what I mean. 

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend feeding giraffes. 

Elise does not agree. (Shhh, don’t listen to her!)


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