I hope you have a good VD

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Oh, Valentines Day, how I hate you. I’ve never really had a good VD or anyone to share it with (har har) so I really sort of dread the day – the day when all of the couples in my life seem to be extra happy and in love and rubbing it in the singles’ faces. 

So, in rebellion of VD, I went out and celebrated Tuesday at the El ‘N Gee with Gaby, Phil, Craig, and Kristen. New friends, FUN FRIENDS, great times. 

We play this game that doesn’t really have a name yet, but we call it either PicturePhone or “Write a sentence, draw a picture.” The rules are simple:

Get a piece of paper, write a sentence on top – any sentence. Fold the paper just so it’s covering the sentence then pass it to the person next to you. That person will read the sentence and draw a picture of what the sentence says. Fold, pass, and so the third person sees the picture based off the original sentence and then writes a sentence to describe what they see in the picture – fold it over, pass, continue.  It’s like a combination of Telephone and Pictionary, and it is AWESOME.

Here is one of the best ones from the first night we played, last Tuesday over at Gaby’s:

Please excuse the bad lighting, bad handwriting, and whatever sort of spoo that is on the paper there.

I think the best thing about this game is that it’s great to play with friends because there is no competition whatsoever. There is no winner or loser, and no one gives each other a hard time about their bad penmanship or drawing skills – because it just ends up being so damn funny. 

You do a little bit of work with friends, and in the end you pass these around and you laugh and laugh and LAUGH until it hurts behind your ears and up around your jaw area because oh, the laughing! 


I love Tuesdays. 

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