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  1. denise
    August 6, 2011 @ 5:26 am

    oh man, to be 29 again…actually my late 20's were a hard time in my life…or maybe it was my mid-20's and i had turned around or moved forward by 29…either way i turned THIRTY nine this year…ten years on you yet i feel we have a lot in common just reading your past few posts…i started commenting on this one since this is the date you found my blog and i've been meaning to add yours ("follow") you ever since…funny about unconditional parenting…i have yet to find one person who has "finished" it…myself included…i think this is because it is such a philosophical book with such profound messages that you feel like if you've finished it you should follow through with it or something…i have a degree in psychology trying to analyze too much/figure myself out…i will do a post on this one of these days…anyway, love the 30 by 30 list…will have to do my 40 by 40 since i'm coming up on my 39 1/2 birthday this month…looking forward to following your blog!


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