I’m a Hack… Time to Hack It.

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Chuck Wendig has done it again over on his Terrible Minds blog, by writing another gut punching blog post that really resonated with me as a non-writing writer.

How to Motivate Yourself as a Writer  has done something to me that nothing else in the last year has been able to do. It’s made me realize that this is all on me. I have no one to blame but myself for not writing, for not producing.

Writer’s block? I don’t believe in it. I believe that if you sit down at a computer and force yourself, you are capable of writing and you WILL. You just have to get your butt in the chair and keep it there.

Writing is fucking hard, sometimes. Writing is dentistry on monsters. Writing is trying to castrate a galloping horse with a slingshot. Writing is letting a bull loose in an orphanage.

And there comes a point when it’s like, you either love this, and it motivates you? Or you don’t, and it doesn’t. I can’t manufacture motivation. Neither can you. You can only stir the flames if there’s already a spark there. You can’t awaken a dead fire.  – Chuck Wendig

My fire’s not dead. My fire’s more like smoldering coals at the bottom of a wood stove. The potential for great fire is there, I just have to add some kindling and breathe some life into it, and it will happen. The fire will grow.

So, I am going to do a little thing. From now on, from today forward, I am going to write for an hour a day.

Maybe I won’t actually WRITE for an hour a day. Maybe I’ll end up WRITING for three or four hours. But I’ll tell you what, my ass is going to be in this chair and there’s going to be a document in front of me for an hour a day and we are going to see what’s going to happen. I think I’ll make a page for a daily word count update to see what’s happening. Because something needs to happen and it needs to happen now, cause I am not getting any younger.

Are any of you writers out there? Do you have daily goals you set for yourself? How do you stay motivated to write, or do you, like Chuck and I, believe you just have to do it?

13 Comments on “I’m a Hack… Time to Hack It.”

  1. I won’t own to being a writer, because right now that feels like too much, but I do try to write something everyday. I think that if you set out with the expectation that there must be SOMETHING written before day’s end, the inspiration to write shows up. Sometimes it’s not perfect, sometimes it’s a short poem or barely anything, but it’s fair to say that if my butt is “in the chair” or my mind is in the game, I’ll write something. Good luck!

  2. Good on you I will be watching with interest to see your work. I think an hour good. I need to write more I do write daily but not what I thought I would I chatter not write a story so I need to focus somehow and get in the groove 🙂 x

    1. I used to do a ton of writing challenges but most of my favorites are defunct :-(. I need to put reminders for Yeah Write and Studio 30+ on my calendar.

      1. What are those? Im thinking of hosting a fun challenge once a fortnight a combo of writing and sometimes art and photography woukd you be interested ? What kind of chalkenges do you like?

        1. Yes i would be interested! I like fictional writing challenges that hava a precise, creative prompt. Check out yeahwrite.me – their site is currently annoying to navigate but u will get the idea

  3. An hour is good, Cheney. Motivated is good. Careful about burnout.

    Writer, me, yes, still bending my definition like Play-Do every day. I have posted here every day now since Oct. 27, 2013 because I want to and because I have made myself to it. Some long, some short, some sister pieces to my other blog duties, but all me every day, finding out where I can go with it, where I like to go with it, what people like to see on it.

  4. I can’t force myself to draw or paint, but I can force myself to write. I’ve made myself write one sentence, which usually leads to another. Sometimes, it doesn’t and all I can manage is the sentence. Sometimes, that’s enough.

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