In the Beginning With Love

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The way I see it

You’re the one haunting my mind.

You’re just offstage

You’re right outside the door.

I’m sure that any minute

I could run up to you

And end this waiting

But you’re still such a mystery to me

I’m afraid sometimes that I

Dreamed you up

You aren’t real

And I keep trying to forget the days

When you were here

Because I’d rather not feel

Like I’m lying to myself.

We still spend evenings warring

In the name of anticipation and passion

I tell myself we’ve never touched

I tell myself that all the time

And feign amnesia while

I still pretend to want you

I have a hundred kisses on my tongue

Waiting to greet you

Waiting to make up for

These last two months of lost time –

The first time you take me into your bed

I will keep you

I will not let you go again

Yours is the only name I’ll ever speak

So having once been blessed

With your unforgiving Love

I will ask nothing but please:

Let me suck your bottom lip

Without tasting other women

And take every word from your lips

But my name, and whisper it often

And let me have you

Just let me have you for

A day or two

So I can know

What I’m getting into.

~ Circa 2003-2004ish

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