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Today pretty much nothing went as planned.

This morning I was supposed to pick Jill up from her house, bring her back to my place so we could watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead together, then hang out with her til like 2ish until her boyf got out of work and could pick her up. (Her car’s in the shop. I’m going to put that there to remember for later.)

But then, the whole “picking up my new iPhone 6 timeline” got pushed way the hell up, and since I was at my parent’s beck and call to get the phone I had to cut short my day with Jill by like three hours and rush her right back home, which is like 20 minutes away. Lame.

So my parents pick me up and we went to lunch and then went to pick up the phone!!!

But the phone hadn’t been delivered yet šŸ™

It was supposed to come today. It was PROMISED to come today.

But it didn’t come today.

So then, I was supposed to hang out with Maddy but I couldn’t get ahold of her.

Then, I really wanted to go see Interstellar but no one wanted to go with me because “MatthewĀ McConaughey sucks.” And yeah, I get that Matthew McConaughey sucks, but the movie itself looked great!!

I knew the movie was three hours long and I had to go to the early one if I was going to make it tonight because I have to get up at 6am for work tomorrow, so on a whim I texted my sister who I knew was going to be home at my parent’s from college, and she thought it was a brilliant idea!

So I went to go see Interstellar tonight and it was totally awesome!

It was really long, like, really long. Just shy of three hours, and yeah, it felt Titanicish in scope. But honestly at the end I was like “What the F -” this could have been totally longer and I would have sat through it to see what happened. Maybe they’ll make another one. They should. I would definitely go see it.

I would say, too, that if you liked Contact and Armageddon, you’d like this. It’s not hokey like Armageddon but it’s save the worldish WITHOUT the hokey. And it’s sciencey and spacey! Loved it.

Nothing happened the way I wanted it to today. But, I ended up spending time with my sister, which is something I do once in a never, and so, that’s pretty stellar.

Done rambling. So tired. And things.

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    1. I really liked him in “A Time to Kill” that John Grisham legal thriller one. Also, I’d say this movie is probably one of the best roles I’ve seen him in, you can definitely see he is aging and getting more serious now.

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