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I’m guessing that if you are here reading this, it’s because you are a writer who has found this blog through a series of linkups or writing challenges that I participate in. I am going to assume that you are also a writer, or at least enjoy reading other people’s bits of creativity. If I’m right and that’s the case, you probably know that having a writing blog has a lot to do with holding yourself accountable, and giving yourself a reason to keep on keeping on.

Yeah, that’s what I’m here for.

I’m one of those writers who has never been published in the typical way. I have won a few online writing challenges. I have “won” three out of the six NaNoWriMos I have participated in. I have finished a total of two novels and have two more in various stages of crappiness that I poke on now and again. I have made a few bucks selling some erotic short stories on Amazon under a pen name (that’s been fun). I have a dwindling serial story. I have blogs. And blogs. And blogs.

I write. A lot. I also rewrite a lot, because most stuff, in the beginning, is not so great. I read pretty much constantly. That’s all me.

It was funny when I came across a quote in a list of 72 of the Best Quotes for Writers that totally summed up the best points that I’ve learned so far in my writing journey, and the things that sum up what I do on a daily basis to try to make this writing dream of mine come true some day:

“Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.”
—Larry L. King, WD

So here we are. A new blog, a new place to share my writing and what I know about writing, what I want out of writing, and of course, what constantly distracts me from writing.

You know when you are sitting there at your desk and you are struggling for inspiration, and for some reason you think you will find that on the internet, maybe by searching for “writing inspiration” or “writing tips”? So then instead of actually writing you spend hours reading about how other people write?

Yeah. I’m your girl for that, and now I am (hopefully) going to be some other wayward writer’s destination.

Aside from posting my own writing here, I will feature the work of other writers as well as the best writing tips and inspiration that I find across the internet. There may be a smattering of book reviews, and hopefully, if this catches on, interviews with other writers and bloggers.

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