Is My Tongue Red? 

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For the first eight years of her life the only ice cream Elise would eat is vanilla. Sure, she loved the heck out of it, but come on. VANILLA. It says something about a person if that’s their favorite ice cream, right?

So I kept pushing and prodding and making Elise try new things, and we found out that she likes ice cream sandwiches! Vanilla. Between two chocolatey things. Still, vanilla.

Then, I got her to try cookies and cream, because I successfully explained that it was still her favorite vanilla ice cream, just with COOKIES mixed into it. She loved it. It was a success!

But now, nine and a half, oh, she’s growing. She’s changing. She’s more open to trying new things.

The great thing about trying new things is going to places that let you try them first, like Rita’s. Today she tried the Swedish Fish ice for the first time, because she loves the red Swedish Fish candy.. so why not an ice that tastes just like it?


Red tongue stains totally worth it.

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